How Incense Sticks Are Used In Religion

Incense sticks have been used in many different ways over the years. One of the most important uses of incense sticks has been the use of them in religion. One of those uses of incense sticks was by the Egyptians during the fifth dynasty.

The use of incense sticks and religious ritual was usually developed in China eventually got to Korea, Vietnam the Philippines and Japan, it has a very valuable role in the east Asian bodies ceremonies and also the Japanese Shinto shrines.

In Buddhist temples space in the temple is scented with coiled inserts, they are hung from the ceiling or put on special stands.

incense sticks temple

There are other types of incense sticks which many people are not aware of, these include the dhoop cone, dhoop cones are used as one of the 16th ways of offering worship to Deity known as shodshopchar puja.

The use of incense sticks is used because they contain substances which contain properties which purify the air and create a positive vibration in the brain, these properties help people concentrate easily during meditation.

Philosophical moral of the burning of an insence stick is that as it burns into fragrance with in the head around it someone should sacrifice his life in order to serve others and such that the fragrance will also inspire others, these are the ways of Hinduism and the ways in which they use incense sticks.

In temples and other places of worship incense sticks are burnt in small and larger bundles, they are waved about above head height whilst worshippers bow to figures and shrines of ancestors and other religious figure heads.  The incense sticks are then usually seperated into separate holders in front of the these figures and can be in larger numbers if the person feels that the particular religious figure is important to them.

Other uses in the temple include burning a monk or nun’s scalp during ordination which usually last for around 5 – 10 minutes, this produces 9 to 12 circular scars on the person’s scalp, of course great pain is caused at the same time!

The types of incense sticks used by different religions and temples around the world varies widely.

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Incense  first originated in India and have been used for a lot of different purposes.  Tribes and religious groups use incense as a way to meditate and communicate with their spiritual brothers, incense is also used at religious ceremonies in Europe as well.

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